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For over 35 years, we’ve been striving to engage brand audiences favorably through relevant information and prescription relays.

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Our campaigns

As a multi-disciplinary agency capable of operating in a wide range of sectors, we offer our customers solid experience in all non-media issues: PR, influence programs, partners & endorsement, CSR, crisis management…, with BtoC, BtoB and Corporate audiences.

We design innovative and effective campaigns.

Our age
The number of campaigns to our credit

Innocent: the first “0-carbon” portage

All campaignsCorporate & RSE
At innocent, we make small drinks but have big dreams. One of these dreams* is to help people live better, healthier lives. That’s all there is to it. That’s why, from the outset, we’ve always done our utmost to leave things in a better state than we found them.

Axe: from buzz to engagement

All campaignsMedia & Public Relations
Axe, a brand of cosmetics and hygiene products for young men owned by the Unilever group, was launched in France in 1983.

Metro: a new category

All campaignsMedia Lobbying & Public Affairs
The launch of the free press overturned the media landscape in France, proposing a new reading contract.

Lactel: turning waste into a resource

All campaignsCorporate & RSESensitive communication & crisis management
At FHCOM, we’ve been working with Lactel, France’s leading milk producer and a brand of the Lactalis group, for 10 years on its corporate communications…

Durex (RED): when making love can save lives

All campaignsInfluence & eRPMedia & Public Relations
Everyone’s agreed to support the fight against AIDS, and the (RED) initiative has been widely applauded around the world. A simple idea which consists in making limited series of products on which part of the profits are donated to research…

Charal: conquering the consumer of tomorrow

All campaignsInfluence & eRP
Against a general backdrop of declining consumption, which the brand is resisting, the challenge is to renew the buyer profile by reaching out to the consumers of tomorrow: millennials, who are skeptical of manufacturers and have less of a culinary culture than their elders.

Our expertise

To provide a personalized, targeted response to the specific needs of each of our customers, offers a variety of expertise: 

Brand content & Brand experience
Gain authority on strategic brand issues. Embody a positioning. Create an emotional bond between the brand and its customers, and foster brand preference in highly competitive environments. Unite around shared values or business highlights.
Media Lobbying & Public Affairs
Against a backdrop of intense regulatory pressure, market leaders and start-ups in new categories need to make their voices heard by public authorities, and weigh in on the political and institutional debate aimed at structuring their business.
Sensitive communication & crisis management
Any organization can potentially be faced with situations that could damage its reputation, whether structural or cyclical. Their impact on public opinion will have as much to do with the level of responsibility as with the transparency and posture of the company.
Corporate & CSR
Inspire and establish a relationship of trust with the company's stakeholders. Unite around our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments to promote our positive impact on society. Develop pride of belonging and employer brand equity.
Influence & eRP
From influencer campaigns to ambassador programs, we select the best content creators to meet our customers' objectives.
Media & Public Relations
Build, develop and energize our customers' influence and reputation through PR communication programs designed and implemented to effectively meet corporate objectives and customer expectations.

Frequently asked questions

A public relations agency is a company that specializes in managing communication and relations between an organization and its publics. At FHCOM, we work to improve our reputation, brand image and visibility with consumers and other stakeholders (employees, partners, institutions, etc.).

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, objectives and target audiences. From this in-depth analysis comes a tailor-made communication strategy to achieve these objectives, using various levers such as content creation, experiential devices or influencer marketing.

At FHCOM, we support our customers in creating and implementing global communication strategies, managing media relations, digital communication (SEO, e-reputation…) through to corporate communication (CSR, employer branding) and crisis management.

Based on a number of criteria, such as the agency’s experience in the business sector, its references, its specialization, its skills in PR and digital communications, its understanding of the company’s specific needs… At FHCOM, we attach particular importance to campaign monitoring and operational efficiency. These two specific features have enabled us to build lasting relationships with both major accounts and start-ups.

Calling on the services of a press relations and influencer agency is an effective and profitable way of promoting a brand, product or service and increasing its visibility, as a complement or replacement for a media plan. Beyond access to a network of journalists, opinion leaders and influencers, at FHCOM we pay particular attention to designing authentic, engaging campaigns capable of generating convincing, ROI-strong results.

Influencer campaigns can be based on collaborations with content creators, sponsored and/or experiential devices. Beyond defining native formats according to the platforms targeted, it is essential to act with rigor and transparency to guarantee the ethical standards of responsible influence… That’s our credo!

To measure the effectiveness of an influencer campaign, it’s important to define clear and measurable objectives, such as the number of views, clicks, engagements, conversions, etc. At FHCOM, influence only makes sense if we can monitor the performance of each campaign. From social listening to KPI tracking, we use market-leading solutions.

The costs associated with an influencer agency can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the campaign, the number of influencers involved, the type of content created, and so on. Influencer agencies can charge project management fees, content creation fees, influencer negotiation fees, and so on. It’s important to define the campaign’s budget in advance, so that the agency can suggest the “right” allocation of expenditure.

Influencer agencies use analysis tools to identify influencers who have an audience relevant to the campaign in question. These tools can include data on subscribers, engagements, brand mentions, centers of interest, etc. Influencer agencies can also use their own network of influencers to seek out potential new partnerships.

Influencer agencies assess an influencer’s relevance based on a number of factors, such as how closely their audience matches the campaign’s target audience, their ability to create authentic content and generate community engagement. At FHCOM, we also look at factors such as the influencer’s reputation, professional ethics and history of collaboration.

At FHCOM, we work with content creators to precisely define the terms of the campaign, the messages, the content to be produced and shared. In addition to our creative support, we ensure that our influencers receive all the support they need to respond to the reactions and questions of their community.

In a context where dialogue has taken precedence over single messages, press relations and influence are no longer the simple tools of an advertising strategy, but rather the space where a new connivance is established, based on exchange and the provision of a genuine, lasting contribution. At FHCOM, we put this conviction at the service of brand reputation.

To measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign, PR agencies can use indicators such as the number of publications obtained, the number of positive brand mentions, the number of visitors to the website, and so on. PR agencies can also use opinion polls to measure public perception of the brand. Detailed reports on campaign performance can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the strategy, and to adjust future efforts.

PR agencies can help companies manage communications crises by providing effective crisis planning, training company spokespeople to communicate with the media and managing stakeholder communications. PR agencies can also work to minimize the negative impact of the crisis on the company’s reputation and limit its scope.

At FHCOM, we help companies achieve positive media coverage by identifying relevant communication angles and pitching them to affinity journalists, opinion leaders and content creators. This positive media coverage can be a response to specific image objectives, greater visibility with a particular target audience or, more broadly, a need to defend the category.

When it comes to influence, the effectiveness of a campaign with content creators is often based on indicators such as the number of brand mentions, the engagement rate, the number of conversions, and so on. Ad hoc indicators can also be tracked to assess the campaign’s impact on brand perception at a more granular level.

Influencer agencies work with companies to create an effective influencer marketing campaign by identifying campaign objectives, defining influencer selection criteria, developing creative content strategies and measuring performance. At FHCOM, we pay particular attention to supporting content creators to ensure effective campaign execution in the short term, but also to preserve a lasting relationship over the long term.

PR and media agencies can work together to deliver integrated results by developing coherent communication strategies and creating synergies between PR, influence and advertising efforts. Agencies can also share data and analysis to improve understanding of the end target’s perception. At FHCOM, we’re convinced that paid and earned media complement each other to serve the brand’s strategic objectives, whether in terms of budget optimization, targeting or message architecture.

The costs associated with a PR & Influence agency can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the campaign, the type and amount of content to be developed, and the size of the pool of influencers to be involved. PR & Influence are professions where time spent (man-days) remains the main economic component. At FHCOM, each support proposal is calibrated on an ad hoc basis, offering a detailed view of fees for strategic consulting, project management, content creation, negotiation with potential partners, or even crisis management.

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