Why should communications agencies work in synergy with PR agencies?

With the advent of social networking, many had prophesied the end of press relations. While the advent of Web 2.0 has profoundly altered the landscape and practices of the profession, communications agencies continue to call on PR agencies to build new synergies and optimize the impact of 360° campaigns. While brands are becoming their own […]

Brand identity and brand image: from difference to complementarity

When it comes to press relations and influence, it’s essential not to confuse brand identity with brand image. The first is the way in which a brand wishes to be perceived by its consumers, employees and partners, particularly in terms of values. The second relates to how the brand is seen a posteriori in reality, […]

Brand Content, a powerful lever for enhanced PR!

At a time when content is king, communications professions are reinventing themselves. For successful press relations, developing an effective content strategy is now essential. Alongside press releases, speeches, pitches and press kits, Brand Content is now a powerful lever for boosting the effectiveness of your PR strategy.   Reaching journalists where they are with effective […]

Are you greenwashing without knowing it?

Perhaps you’ve seen them? Plastered all over our towns and cities, Burger King’s posters promoting its new reusable tableware for the benefit of the planet have generated a “bad buzz” on social networks. Since the 1ster January 2023, the law prohibits the use of disposable tableware in commercial catering.   Burger King has turned a […]

Towards a more ethical approach to influencer marketing

For a more responsible use of influence: consulting agencies make a commitment!   Brands, agencies and influencers must work hand in hand to usher in a new era of more authentic, responsible and sustainable influencer marketing.   The law designed to combat fraudulent practices by influencers on social networks was passed by Parliament on March […]