Brand identity and brand image: from difference to complementarity

When it comes to press relations and influence, it’s essential not to confuse brand identity with brand image. The first is the way in which a brand wishes to be perceived by its consumers, employees and partners, particularly in terms of values. The second relates to how the brand is seen a posteriori in reality, mainly through the products or services it offers. The two discourses coexist and complement each other to enhance the brand’s image.


Brands need a clear identity to stand out from the crowd


Today, brand identity is an essential subject and an essential lever in press relations strategies, whether in B2B or B2C. In fact, its definition is one of the most important steps in setting up a company. To stand out from the crowd, every brand needs to clearly assert its identity: this is the best way to increase its popularity and, consequently, its sales.


PR embodies brand identity in discourse


In communications terms, brand identity covers a name, graphic codes, marketing positioning, values and ethics. But beyond these distinctive features, it defines a whole field of skills, potential and legitimacy.

In terms of press relations, when we talk about brand identity, we think above all about how to embody it in our discourse. It’s not just a matter of showing off the brand’s looks and personality, but of evoking the behaviors that ideally underpin its culture and its relationship with others.


Storytelling as a strategic weapon


Each time, it’s a question of telling a story – the famous storytelling – that grabs attention and sticks in the memory. The challenge here is to enable the various target audiences to adhere to, and even identify with, the proposed message. When it comes to brand identity, press relations become a veritable strategic weapon, a vector for brand awareness, desirability and corporate pride, complementing and synergizing other means of communication.


Branding is all about customer experience and influencers


In a very complementary way, brand image is built after the fact, when products and services have been on the market for a sufficiently long time, and target consumers have had time to form an opinion. In this case, PR campaigns have every interest in focusing on the customer experience, and it’s always a good idea to gather comments and feedback from users. In the same vein, the role of influencers is essential: powerful trend-setters, very comfortable with photo and video, these digital natives are truly capable of changing a brand’s image by sharing their experience. However, the choice of an influencer is always a delicate one. It’s not just about the size of your community and the number of your followers. But his own image has to be in line with the values and identity of the brand he’s working for.

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