The album "Strong Love Affair" is the fruit of a long friendship between one of the last great dinosoars of music Ray Charles and the frenchman Jean-Pierre Grosz ........................... but just who is this French producer ?

Jean-Pierre Grosz
Born 29th. January 1947 to a Hungarian father and French mother, studied law and economics in Paris.
At 10 years of age his first listen to "What I'd Say" from Ray Charles just blew him away ! His passion for music and a growing familly of musician friends inspired him to construct his own recording studio giving him a solid professional foundation in the world of record production.

1978 Ray Charles arrives in Paris
Following an idea to present songs written by his friend F.R.David, Jean - Pierre broke all the rules and barriers in order to get the cassette into Ray's hands. The success of this first contact inspired Jean-Pierre to follow Ray to Germany to introduce him to F.R.David in person, and that's where the story started. The next day the genius agreed to accept two of the songs for his next album " Ain't it so" one of which was subsequently used in the sound track of the film "The sure thing".
It was way back then in 1979 that Ray promised Jean-Pierre to let him produce an album

1988 A promise is a promise !
Jean-Pierre was at this time producing the singer Dee Dee Bridgewater who was the opening act for Ray Charles at the Palais des sports concert in Paris. This encounter lead to the production of the famous "Precious Thing" duo which became a platinum success in France and Italy.

1991 The promise is kept !
Jean-Pierre Grosz started work on a new project tailor made for his dear friend. Using a team some of the best composers, arrangers and musicians 12 new and original songs were "Made to measure", paying respect to Rays immense vocal talents and unique style.
Recorded in 29 of the best studios throughout the world the album was mixed in Los Angeles under the exacting control of Brother Ray himself.
The circle of friends continues with the final signature of Ray to the label of his life long friend Quincy Jones, QWEST Records distributed throughout the world by WEA Music, the home of the famous Atlantic records.

Between Ray Charles, Jean-Pierre Grosz, and millions of adoring Ray Charles fans like himself it really has been a "Strong love affair" a promise is a promise after all !

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